If you don't know, Friendswin is a social network site but very close to launch. Last month, I registered( it's free) and will see if it's possible to make money from a social networking(must pay a monthly fee). On that subject, I made a post about that. In the last week of so, I received countless invitation to join the webinars but I did not. Too much to do on my end. Today, I took a minute to login into the control panel but not much was working yet. Last month, I was not able to do even that. Back then, I was in 1300s but now they have 5100+ members for something not even launch yet. You can register under me :D . I tried to register without a sponsor but could not. They(mass email) insisted that everyone must add one. Also, it's worth noting that the earlier your are in, the better for your future "down line". That's if you want to make money from the free and paid members below you. Unlike some other "popular" multi level network, this one will not crumble because of those free members. They won't quit because of the money. They are there because they want to. Those at the bottom(i.e. too late in the game) for the money may quit or stay if Friendswin offer something good for them like any other social networks. Friendswin home page.
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