Just a few day ago, I taught that Friendswin were launching to the general public. It was a "boardroom only" launched. But to show how fast it's growing, we are now 12137 members. On Sept. 28, we were 9663. They will soon launch a major public campaign and when it goes viral, they will give the spillover of new members to qualified members like me. That is nice. Today, I paid my first month. I should mentioned that one of my members in my downline has already made me a big $0.40(paid it's first month too) :D I think most are procrastinating but eventually want a piece of the pie too. Also, by becoming a paying member, I can now create many "Campaigns". If your look at my blog's header, you will see the animated Friendswin banners. If you click it, you will see my name for sponsor and it's easier to register because you don't need to enter the sponsor now. I also started filling my profile there. P.S. I had the bad habit to write "FriendsWin" but it's "Friendwin".
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