Friendswin: Is it the next MySpace/Facebook but with a twist?

Friendswin is a new social network site that should take the Internet by storm, at least they hope. I never participated in this kind of social network until I had read the home page. I decided to be in the first wave.

So, why did I jump in?

Because it's for my business and a way to promote it.

I took the best part and will cut and paste:

  • It will offer video enabled profiles, video conferencing between friends, video dating and many other features to entice and serve a growing membership. - Nothing new here.
  • An affiliate compensation plan that pays significant commissions for referrals. - That's new.
  • Anyone 18 years or older can join for free, sample our great destination and connect with their friends. - When for a business, this maybe of some value.

An affiliates model?

Yes, I was sure to attract your attention with this one. For that "privilege", you pay $9.97/month and you will get a small cut($0.30 up to $1.00) for each one under you that is paying. It has 8 levels. After 22 members, it pay for itself.

Unlike other schemes, money can be generated by free members. Here is how:

  • pay for functionality (like video conferencing) on an a-la-carte basis
  • Regardless, any and all purchases made or revenue generated by regular customers with will generate commissions (not much information here)

However, those small points will help keep free members on board that just want to be in the network. It may not pay a lot but if you end up with many, it could add up at the end of the month.

Register This!

After registration, a new page was displayed with my affiliate information. But, I also noticed:

"With your acceptance, we will ask you for more information (social security and banking info for example) so that we can complete your account. "

Being from Canada, I'm used to it with many affiliates program. Most often, it's a form (often W8) that says we don't pay U.S. taxes but Canadian ones. If it start with a bang like it could, it could make you a lot money that the IRS(U.S.) wants to be sure it has it's cut. It's the same everywhere in the world ;)

They may also want serious people as affiliates.

It was not clear to me the other ways they will pay us. They did not mentioned PayPal/checks. I guest more information will be given at launch and are more focus in building the network for now. When it starts, I will see what other advantages of than a affiliate I can get for my $9.97/month.

Other notes

One part that I liked was: "We can't predict how many new users will join our site. Maybe only a few thousand." At least, they are realist at this point. But put social network+make money and you may have a winner.


It did not cost me nothing to register and only await for the launch. Like many programs of this kind, the sooner, the better. I did like the free part so that the network won't crumble under false expectations. I can see some potential of this new network and I took a chance. Will you take a chance and register with me? :D

Friendswin home page.

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