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Recently, I emailed Rebecca that did a post for another social networks that shared it's ads revenue with members up to 10 levels. I asked her opinion about Friendswin because I wanted her feedback. Unfortunately, she never heard of Friendswin but asked about it just the same. So, emailed her back. At the same time, it gave me the opportunity to write a recap based on my experience so far. What is Friendswin? Friendswin is a new social network site. It's not yet fully started but the basic is ready now(profile page, blog, journal, forum ...). You pay an optional monthly fee($9,97) to get access to the rich video portion of the site. However, it's free for members and, of course, to join. The ideal is to get a compensation from sales from each paid member. If they don't spend, you get nothing but you do get new friends ;-) Main Video features They are putting the video services at the forefront( see demos) and it will compete against MySpace, Facebook, Monster....but in one social network: Video Dating Video Resume Video Conference Money The logic is that it can't crumble like a pure MLM because people can choose or not to pay for services. For example, someone could use the video dating for a few months and stop when they have found someone. Some will be there just for the social network only because not everyone will be there for the money. For me, it's my first social network and registered because of the money angle and it's no a full MLM. So far, most are not paying the monthly fee. But because I did pay my monthly fee, I got a big $0.70 :) made from the 2 in my downline who did. I guest the others are waiting for the official launch very soon(November). But those who did pay in October, will get their downline build when they start advertising for new members in full force. It's call the spillover. I estimated that I should get 80-85 new members for every 100 000 new members. Everyone must get a sponsor because it's a force matrix. So, there are no reasons to bypass the recruiting link. ;) I did try when I registered but was asked to enter one which I did. It's a gamble because nobody can say how much new members(10 000 to x millions) will be attracted to it. I do think that the video dating could be a real money maker for them/me and that's why I took the "risk" and paid. On my blog, I stated that I would pay for a few months after launch and then re-evaluate if I continue or not. If I do get 25-30 paid members, it will pay for itself and I will continue. You may join now because it's free anyway but members must be at least 18 due to the dating part. You can create campaign URLs like the one above to evaluate PPC, Email, Site...but I only few and one for this post. I wanted to see how this post could do in recruiting new members(free or paid). I have a very tiny blog and I already got 32 in my downline. My own sponsor has much more (must be a pro) and made $42 in September. The first level(5) is $0.30, second(25) is $0,40, third(625) is $0.50 up to level 8 which is $1.00. I have the first 2 filled and now "working" on the third. One of the nice feature of Friendswin is to allow paid members to get a piece of the pie thus allowing them to create a passive income from the network. Yes, you can make money with the other network but here, it's passive and everybody can with a little investment. Potential for popular bloggers I took a recent post where I listed stats about a few popular blogs. Here are potential earnings if they can get their RSS readers into their own downline. I only used 6% that would be paid members multiplied by $0.35 when less than a 1000 RSS. For the others, I used $0.45 and for TechCrunch, I used .60 because it would have more levels than anybody. It's only an example and I used very conservative numbers. If it goes higher than 6%, then good for them :D
RSS Earnings/month
AdesBlog 551 $11.57
Cash Quest 914 $19.19
Court 662 $13.90
Dosh Dosh 6000+ $162
John Chow 13 317 $359.56
Shoemoney 11 123 $300.32
John Cow 684 $14.36
ProBlogger 34 763 $938.60
Zach Johnson 984 $20.66
TechCrunch 602 000 $21,672
McGrath Dot Ca 22 $0.70
Conclusion The compensation plan could be very good for those looking into making money online with a social network. And don't forget that that that you can use it for publicity(traffic) for your sites/blogs. So, by mixing both passive(compensation) and active income(publicity), this network could be a real money maker for those that wish it. I must admit that I like the ideal of making some passive additional income. And with the recent news that Microsoft invested in Facebook, it should get some attention because Facebook or MySpace don't offer any compensation plan like that. Again, join me(free) if your want to make money of get new friends ;) Do you have any questions?
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