Friendswin will launch on October 1

When Friendswin launch on Monday, October 1, it will be the biggest thing in social networking. Why? Because they will offer the 4 major things found elsewhere in one site:
  1. Social networking (grow by 89%/year, expected to double in 2 years)
  2. Online dating (see below)
  3. Employment Industry (search for a job or employee)
  4. Internet Home Business (who don't want to make money from home)
The funny thing is that on The Loop(G4-AOTS) this week, they were talking about the "backlash" of general social networking because they all look the same and people are starting to be tired of managing many sites. Niche sites will still be there but with Friendswin(general), you can also make money with an affiliate program and it's where it is separate from the other general sites. I'm not in any social network site but this was the key element for me to register(free). You must pay $9.97/month to become an "Independent Marketing Representative" when it launch. I don't pay nothing yet and it will be optional anyway(free members part). In a few months when the network is better known and bigger, it won't cost me nothing. Imagine if people leave Facebook or MySpace because they want a piece of the add revenue too? The potential is huge! But I'm still a realist because those under 18 will be kept out thus less members. I also don't expect to make money on every member neither. But some of them may buy a service here or service there that will still pay me a small commission each time. Yesterday, I decided to visit the site again to see if they were new things. They are still in pre-launch mode so nothing is active but I clicked on the link of the video dating demonstration on the front page. Wow! I plan to use it to promote my sites. So the business angle is important for me. On Sept. 6(last time), they were 5100+ members and now they have 9663. It's not bad for something not even launch yet. Again before it launch on Monday, you can register(free) under me :D . I tried to register without a sponsor but could not. Everyone must have a sponsor and this will make the Matrix(5,25,125 ... to 8 level). Also, it’s worth noting that the earlier your are in, the better for your future “down line”. That’s if you want to make money from the free and paid members below you. P.S. I think it's Monday but I don't know at what time. They have a boardroom only launch first.
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Friendswin is interesting, but I'm still betting on Yuwie being the next big thing in Social Networking. No sales required, open to everyone, pays out to 10 ref levels, and over 100,000 members with an average of more than 2,000 new ones each day.

[...] 7th, 2007 by Steve McGrath Just a few day ago, I taught that Friendswin were launching to the general public. It was a “boardroom only” [...]


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