Yesterday, I received an email from Friendswin. Here is the content:
Dear Steve, Just a quick reminder about the spillover subscriptions that Friendswin will be giving away to the upgraded IMR's before the launch on Nov 1st. So if you have been putting it off, now is the time to upgrade because of the promotion that will highly benefit you and your team of IMR's that are upgraded before the 1st of Nov. There is going to be a great explosion of subscriptions that start flowing in when we go live on Nov 1st. So get positioned and lets make things happen together as a team. go to Friendswin and login to your account and just simply click on upgrade to $9.97. Thanks
It was a mass email because I did upgrade a few weeks back. Since then, I had another member upgrade so I'm now making a big $0.70 with only 2 paid members(Level 1 $0.30, Level 2 $0.40). I hope the others in my downline will upgrade to take part of this great opportunity. I think the others are in a wait and see mode, waiting for the last minute or they are there for the free social network only. I can understand them but my little finger tell me that those who pay sooner will be given the spillover first. I also started to create a list of new friends and the side effect is that it will make a potential great list. You can create a blog there but I'm sticking to my profile page for now. I do have this blog. ;) I do get offers from them via the journal post in my profile page. This is like sending a post to all my friends and it's not related to the blog part. It shows the last few journals. Some started to exploit the profile page and add a background, pictures... The current member count is: 15960.(On Oct. 7: 12137 members) Do you want to be my Friend? Plus, it's free if you want :D P.S. My profile page for the curious
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