Funny French Optic 1050 TV Ad, Found Cheap Binoculars

I was watching the French version of the Optic 1050 TV Ad. Sometimes, the translation make an ad funnier than it should.

But first in the ad, a woman said: "My husband paid $1000 for his binoculars". At first, I said to myself: "Sure, $1000 for normal binoculars. " After some digging, you can find some coming close or above $1000 like antiques binoculars or in the high end versus the Optic 1050. I'm no expert thus I can't judge the quality between them.

The Optic 1050 are sold for $40CAN plus shipping in the ad. The place below had the Optic 1050 for $10USD plus shipping.  It's cheaper than in the TV ad even with the current exchange rate.

If you still want Optic 1050, just click below

[phpbay]Optic 1050, 2[/phpbay]

Other cheap binoculars

[phpbay]binoculars, 4[/phpbay]

What was in the funny French Optic 1050 TV ad?

To understand that part, you need to know that "binoculars" means "jumelles" in French. In English, "jumelles" means "twins".

My naughty side took over and I told my father that her husband went to Las Vegas and paid himself a $1000 threesome with "jumelles/twins". His wife noticed the $1000 but he told her that it was "binoculars/jumelles" and that he broke them when there. No refund. ;)

In French, it's funny.

So ladies, if you see a big credit card bill after a trip to Las Vegas from your mate, were they for "binoculars"?
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I use my optic 1050 to go hunting. This is a great product and I didn't have to spend hundreds on binoculars.


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