Get 120 Links From 40 Blogs For $25

Are you looking to increase your Technorati authority by 40 (varies) and receive 120 backlinks to your site in just a day? If so for just $25.00 for a limited time you can receive 120 links from 40 different blogs. See my result below with When I first bought the offer, I took a link for It won't affect Technorati but still created backlinks to it and improved the Alexa. Used it for both my blogs. The Rules for Submission: $25 - an article written by you will be posted on all 40 blogs (maximum of 500 words)
  • a) no more than 3 links per article.
  • b) no porn, no warez, no illegal content.
  • c) no more than 500 words.
1) Send payment to my Paypal account: 2) Paypal not required major credit cards accepted click buy now! 3) Email me the HTML as an attachment for the article(s) meaning included URL(s) and anchor texts in article. 4) I will then verify your payment by matching it to your email. 5) The turnaround time is an estimated 24 hours. site results after article submission:
  • One day submission
  • Technorati Authority: 3 to 83 overnight
  • Technorati Rank: 3.4Millions to 250,000 overnight
  • Alexa: improved after a few days
  • Backlinks: 80 increase overnight (1 link use for Steve's Tech Blog)
Steve's tech Blog did it with that blog even if I did not need to, all 3 links to it)
  • One day submission
  • Technorati Authority: 4 to 45 overnight
  • Technorati Rank: 1,310,276 to 126,911 overnight
  • Alexa: improved after a few days(not yet)
  • Backlinks: 22 to 142 blog reactions
Keywords: Blogging, Ranking, Traffic


Yes, it took me time to write it but was worth it for me

Are you still doing this?

Yes it's still available

I will have to consider this offer... Must write something first...

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