Get Backlinks With Fake Software

I wanted to test if it was possible to get backlinks with a fake software. So on December 5th, I submitted a fake software to 715 software directories.

The goal was to inform directory owners of a method that show how to do it. I must mentioned that I don't approve of that method and I won't mentioned the title of my fake software. You can use the method or not.

What are Fake Software?

It's a software to get backlinks from software directories to a webmaster site. Those could be created by non-programmers thus the appeal to average webmasters.

About software directories backlinks

The backlinks will not appear all at once. I knew that some will be approved the same day while others may take months. For some directories, I would had to submit the fake software after confirming my email but I won't. I'm using the lazy method since it's the secondary idea of the method: Get backlinks with less work.

Depending on the directory, the backlink might not use the title of the software to point to the site. The anchor text will be generic or even nofollow. I might not get a rejection email.

For a short time gain, it is easy to get approved.


2008/11/05: I don't include the time to create the fake software. I submitted to 715 directories, it took 3h42 and it finished around 7-8PM. The fake software was approved in 93 directories.

2008/11/06: The fake software was approved in 98 directories(Morning)

2008/11/08: The fake software was approved in 100 directories(Morning). I got 3 rejection emails.

2008/12/31: The fake software was approved in 85 directories(Morning). I got 5 rejection emails.

2009/03/28: The fake software was approved in 90 directories(Morning).  I got 7 rejection emails.

I will update this from time to time. (leave a comment if it's been awhile)


You can use the method or not so it's up to you to decide. Btw, the method will cost you $97. I still prefer people get FBF(free) or BMD($97 but 50% more later). On that, I did not change my opinion.
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The backlinks will not appear all at once :/


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