Get DivX For Your PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

Now that DivX has signed on to be supported by XBox 360(now) and PlayStation 3(firmware upgrade soon this week?)), it's time to get the DivX Pro for only $9.99USD. It's 50% off and a great deal for you. If you have a capture card or need to convert your DVD, you must add the option for the DivX Converter MPEG-2/DVD Plug-in for only $4.99USD. That's what I do it with HTPC.


The $400 Playstation 3 (40GB) make it more and more attractive. You can play HD movies(Spider-Man 3 included only available in Blu-Ray) and media files like the DivX in one box. Of course, you can add the external HD-DVD to the XBox360. It's for limited time only so buy it while you can! P.S. I paid more for the bundle(DivX Pro and the MPEG-2) a few years back. It's even lower when it's not in special. But, if you can save, do it while you can ;) I created a video to show how simple it is:
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