For some months now, I have been using OIOpublisher to manage my ads on my blogs. Now, I paid $47 to get it and OIOpublisher was well worth the investment.

I don't need to pay a third party service and 100% of the money is deposited directly in my PayPal account. I hardly have to do anything than approve an ad. :D

You can have the link to be dofollow or nofollow if you want.

How to buy OIOpublisher for just $25?

I could had used 3 different coupons but I decided to give to all of you the biggest saving. Use Jan90-25 and you will pay just $25. With the other coupons, you would had paid $30 and $35. It's not bad but $25 is better.

Get OIOpublisher now before the coupon expired at the end of the month!
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