When I bough my PS3 at the end of December, I also had an offer to get 5 Free Blu-Ray movies. I had all entered the information when I noticed that I had to use the Quebec form. Doing so, it meant that I had less choices because the Canadian form had movies that were only available in English(audio). With procrastination and mostly other things to do, I finally sent my coupon for the 5 Free Blu-Ray movies on January 23. For a reminder, the offer ended on January 31 with a request postmarked by February 29. It was supposed to take 8-10 weeks to receive them. At the end of April, I called them(1-877-823-0804 for Canada only) to know when my order would be delivered. They said another 6-8 week. Today, I finally received my 5 Free Blu-Ray movies. :D The lesson is: be patient but do call them to make sure you were at least processed.
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