Yes, I got my 10 000 badge on Technorati(9,721 to be exact) . I should mentioned that I started the blog in February 2007 but really started to blog more in May. I since split the blog in 2.5 and transfered post to and ;) ). The main goal is to be near it and, of course, go lower but I don't plan on doing something special about it from now on. How did I achieved it so fast? I participate in ViraLink and ViralTag(still do) and I even started ViralPosties but moved it on an experiment). But the biggest boost was when I sent a release in a many blogs to tell readers about my blog. It was worth every cent. Why is it important? Because some paid for blogging services(i.e. ReviewMe) take this as an indicator. The lower it is, the better your ranking and the more you can ask per review. Of course, I only made 2 paid reviews so far(at $5/each :D ) and did not do those for the money alone. I did them mostly for the experience. If you are into blogging but want to make money with reviews, then it's important to lower it. Conclusion It's only one indicator among many but it's mostly fun to have a little badge near the blog name on Technorati :D
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