Here are 3 news for you this Sunday: Have you joined BlogRush yet? I'm sure that many heard of BlogRush by now. If you did not, it's a way to syndicate your feed on other blogs and bring more traffic. The ideal is very good plus, it's free. :D But I waited a bit before joining in because I wanted to know if it worked. Now, that I that have seen a few post about the result, I decided to test it myself on this blog. Once I saw the video, I could see the viral effect it could have and was surprise of the quality of the video for a free widget. It work like this: for each view I get on my site, I have one on the network. Those that signed below me, will also help my visibility by adding their views to mine. It goes up to 10 level down. The video took longer than actually applying and adding the code. ;) I which them good luck with that new project! Edit: After posting, I decided to visit other blogs in my BlogRush widget. Out of 5, 1 had the widget installed on the blog. Others are just cheating the system and don't give back at all. From that 1, I could see a similar pattern. I'm sure BlogRush will be remove them once they add a checkup to see if the widget is installed. Edit: Those are placeholders for now. So, it's not cheating but a way to have news. $500 Contest update With 2 weeks left for the $500 contest, it should bring in more entries in theory. As of now, I have more prizes(16) than entries(9) and it's not a joke. 1 Cool File teaser Also, I will be launching something new very soon for 1 Cool File and all participants will be invited first with those that bought a Blog Package being the first of the first. I'm writing the boring stuff like FAQ, TOS.... So, enter now because it will be worth it for you, money wise. Remember, it won't be a simple Blog Directory!
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