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If you want to know those on the same shared server, you can use those tools below: My IP Neighbors Once you entered the URL, you will be given a list of all the domains in alphabetical order at the left and the site in a frame at the right. This blog has 36 other neighbors. When you click view site, the frame is updated. It is very simple. My IP Neighbors In green, you see my sites/blogs on my host because they all in the same package. Each one had it's own folder. The old blog(stevesblogen...) URL is still there but with 301 redirection to this new blog. Eventually, I will delete the content of the folder later. DnScoop The site gives you more information: Domain Age, Pagerank Check, Inbound Links, Traffic Rank, Indexed Pages, Domain Name Ip(using myIPneighbors.com), Link Value Report by Text-Link-Ads... You can click the image to see better. DnScoop Plus: Increase Site Value, Site Value Report, Share DnScoop My site is worth: $8,034. In Canada, all .CA were redone in 2000 but I had this domain for 2 years(1998) prior to that. The information about neighbors is not up to date. When I tried with 1 Cool File, the second domain that I created at the end of August, Cash 4 Beginners, is not there. If I do reverse and use Cash 4 Beginners, 1 Cool File is there. Conclusion My IP Neighbors is fast to execute because it's for a single task. DnScoop did take longer to execute because it extracted more information from other sites.
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[...] Pages, Domain Name Ip(using myIPneighbors.com), Link Value Report by Text-Link-Ads source: Hello My IP Neighbor!, Money, Tech, Blogging… on McGrath Dot [...]


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