How many really want to make money online?

I'm working on a project(beta) for 1 Cool File that will make money to some of the bloggers that would be in my Blog Directory category. No, it's not the "paid review part" of the project because I need more bloggers for that. It's something else that I only started testing yesterday. But during my research for statistics, I wanted to know how many blogs existed today. I still taught it was 75-80Millions but it turns out that it's now 104.4 Millions. Of that, I can't remember where, but 10 Millions updates their blogs very often. That number was from the 75-80Millions. Now, if only 0.01% of the 10 Millions(to be safe) are serious in investing in their blog and want to make money, it's 100 000 possible clients for me to tap into. $2.50(lowest Blog Package) per blog is not very much and many have more than 1 blog. I'm sure that many of the 10 Millions would be happy to make a few bucks every month. An advertiser will not look twice at a dead blogs to spend money on. At this moment, I'm having a contest that will give $500USD to the lucky winner. Yet, I have only 8 entries in it.  The weird thing is that my $100CAD previous contest had 30+ entries in all with 20 in the first few days. Ok, I added a few rules considering the larger amount but it's still a basic cut and paste contest for most bloggers. Are they afraid that I won't pay? I hope not. I'm not saying that a contest is a way to make money but most are easy to enter, like mine. Someone could enter many contest and hit it big once in a while. I was not planning on posting it here but last month I bought  one of those make money ebook for $40 to review and test it. Just by following the simple instructions in it, I was able to sell 14 of them on from my blog. In that time, the name changed so I lost a few sales for a few days. Yes, I could had lost $40 and I would had warned others to stay away but it paid more than I expected. I won't retire on that but it's still money. Plus, I knew upfront what I was buying into.  That was smart from the author. I also gave an honest review of the product to help others. Now, I  have to update my page to add those stats. ;) I see my  $500USD contest like a promotion for my site. I invested of a lot money in 1 Cool File because I'm serious at making money online and I believe in 1 Cool File and what it will offer to my fellow bloggers.  You should read my previous post about it. It's not just a plain old Blog Directory. My point is that people blog that they want to make money online but how many are really willing to invest a little for it or take a risk like I did with the ebook? The old saying is still true: It takes money to make money. If you look at the top bloggers making money, they do spend on promotion and I'm sure they did a little at the beginning of their blogs. So, are you really serious about making money online or just a bystander(it's ok too)?
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