How to get your new site index by Google in a few days

All my previous blogs were link to others thus making them visible on Google very quickly. This time, I decided to see how long it would take while I added some content each day. So on June 27, I created the new domain. I installed WordPress on June 28. I removed pingback so that it would not update elsewhere(i.e. Technorati) and did not submit the blog to Google for inclusion. This could take weeks anyway. Because of the funny but naughty nature of the blog, I could not use Adsense(I think) on it and I'm using an alternative. This new blog is also an experiment by itself(more later). Her is how I did it I did 2 things: The result On July 1, my site was available on Google. You could do it yourself or pay someone to do it. With the latter, you should expect more in terms of service like being in the top 10 and on more search sites. Note for the curious: The name of the new blog is a number followed by 2 words with one being "blog". The first word is used in this current post. So, if I put "word1 blog" in quotes, I'm already in the second page on Google out of 27 400. That, I did not expected it for a young site. The Technorati is 7,721,751. It is more than I taught. Yesterday, I added 3 new ways to monetize the blog. I could reuse 2 of them on my other blog. The ads are blank for now. I will need to tweak it. The other one is already up on Please! If you find the blog, don't mentioned it in the comments. Thank you
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[...] How to get your new site index by Google in a few days [...]

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