I activated the Link Love plugin(dofollow)

I decided to deactivate the "nofollow" with the Link Love plugin (found via Andy Bear list of dofollow). What does it mean for commentators? After a certain number of comments( less than the default 10), you will have a backlink. That's easy! I like that plugin because it give me some control over spam. I may change that number if I need to. I got the ideal from Kumiko. I prefer that method to the 2 other ones because it's the honest one. Btw, Kumiko has new domain and she's giving me a chance to make money online too with her new Cash Quest Competition!! If I win, I may make another contest(I like them) with that money but I will keep the rest for me. ;) Good luck and do comment! Edit 1: I had to remove it because it cause a problem with comments. I used another plugin Edit 2: I'm using this one: http://kimmo.suominen.com/sw/dofollow/. You can give a number of days before removing the nofollow. It may help with spam.
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what plugin did you finally use? i used semiologic's but it is causing an error to my comments:

I'm using the Dofollow(see my edit2).

you were right - it was the link love plugin that was doing the error and not semiologic's. everything is workingout fine now that i've deactivated the link love plugin. semiologic's is working out fine. thanks! :)

I just started using the dofollow pluggin myself. :)



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