It was bound to happens this week. The file is: Spyware Terminator(freeware) I don't know it but I was contacted by them to do review(unpaid) about their product. Because I was about to release MIS Info Video and also launching 1 Cool File, I did not accept the offer. Also, I'm not able to test this type of software properly. I did suggest to add it to 1 Cool File. If your are a current user, you could leave a rating/review in it's page. Don't forget that I have a contest for those who register on 1 Cool File or blog about it. In other news, I contacted Robosoft and 1 Cool File should be included in a few days in their database. Expect to have new stuff coming in soon. I did not know if Spyware Terminator(freeware) would had been the first or a software submitted with Robosoft.
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