Welcome to my new blog Not, It 's not a mistake. I'm using a redirect. When I started Steve's Tech Blog back in Feb 2007, I was new to the blogging world, SEO, ranking....and decided to go with a subdomain. I took over the domain back in Dec. 2006 and wanted to continue the owner's work. A subdomain allowed me to to that. But now, I come to understand that it was a mistake on my part going with a subdomain and should had gotten a domain name. A few months ago, I tried moving but decided that the new blog MISFan should be used for M.I.S. Also, I did not want to loose my ranking. I finally decided to use an old domain(mcgrath.ca) that I had for a long time and it's registered until 2011. The PR is 0 because it was used for business emails more than anything. I will take the PR hit for now but we are near a PR update. I may have time to add some backlinks. One advantage is the domain is very short. The subject of my blog is still to write about things that I like: make money, technology, blogging... It won't be called Steve's Tech Blog but McGrath Dot Ca to better fit the domain name. Unfortunalty, stevemcgrath.com was taken and parked. The price is set to $300. Yes, I'm that famous! Just kidding, It's a person involved in movies(Shrek 3, Over the Edge ...) Because of the current contest, I did not want to wait and have entries in both places. Some will be happy that I will be using another theme. I will have the opportunity to change things at the same time in the next weeks. That's it for now!
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