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For many, a contest is a way to be discovered by new readers, increase backlinks, increase their RSS readers or to give back to readers. With this in mind, I thought I would use a weapon into my own arsenal: 1 Cool File(PR6) . You see, I want to increase the number of permanent blogs on 1 Cool File but I want real blogs for the 150+ categories. I'm often solicited to sponsor a contest but my ROI(Return On Investment) is often less than impressive. Edit 2008-08-21: I since change the sponsoring that it's a lot more simpler. How will you sponsor my blog contest? I have a free way and a paid way. One of the way that bloggers can be approve for free on 1 Cool File is to make a short 25 words review about 1 Cool File. If they do that, their blog will be approve for life. I don't even asked to be dofollow in that review. But in the case of a contest, you would make it so that they must link to your blog and contest post too. Or, you could ask another task like subscribing to your RSS feed. This take care of the free way. Of course, not everyone want to write a short review on their blog. That's why, I have a small fee of $4USD to be approve for life. Plus, they got their last 5 posts of their RSS feed shown versus 1 post with the free way above. In the case of a sponsored contest, I would give back $1 for every bloggers that used this way. At the end of the contest, I would pick a random winner from those bloggers. I would also give to you $1 per blogger that used that way too. So, I'm giving back 50% of the $4. Depending on the number of entries on your blog, you could have $0, $5, $25 or $100+. With both ways, the blogger must leave a comment with the link of their blog on 1 Cool File when it's approved. And if they wrote a review, they should add the link too in the comment. Note: The new blog will need at least 10 real posts in the last 30 days. I will also post the contest on The Contest Winner. What about the prize? You can write a short review/post about the winner. But if you got some money from the paid option, this could be enough to have the equivalent(depending on what you charge) of a real paid review about the winner. In any case, the winner will have visitors from the post or review you will make. The winner will get from 1 Cool File(need a minimum of 10 entries):
  • Option to add a banner(468x60) to their listing making it more visible(Value of $1.50).
  • A staff rating of their blog(Value of $5).
  • Written review on 1 Cool Review (Value of $15).
Conclusion With this method, everyone wins:
  • Every blogger get a quality backlink from 1 Cool File(PR6).
  • You get backlinks to your blog or what ever you asked. Plus, the possibility of some money.
  • I get new and real blogs for life on 1 Cool File and use the feedback to improve the site.
Like any advertiser, I want some ROI and by doing it this way, I'm assured to get new blogs in the blog directory/marketplace part of 1 Cool File. If get solicited again, I will direct them to this post. I don't want to be a prize among too many prizes. So, do you want me to sponsor your next blog contest? P.S. you should bookmark this post just in case ;)
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