Improving your site ranking on Alexa

In a "old" post(Feb. 26, 2007), So, you want to make money on the Internet, I wrote about looking at your Alexa Rank. Even if it's far from perfect(more later), advertisers, ReviewMe! type sites.... will use it with other variables to calculate your worth and pay you accordingly. At the time of the old post, my Alexa Rank was 2,7 Millions for McGrath Info Solution and now it's 1,33 Million( was 2.9M vs 1.17M now). How did I do that To make this possible, I:
  • Submitted MIS Info Video (free) on many freeware/shareware sites thus creating many good links
  • Change my signature in forums to point to both sites
  • Participated in blogs that I liked
  • Added a link button in MIS Info Video to go directly to the blog
  • Allowed comments in my post thus increasing the community/traffic
  • Added the Alexa widget showing my rank
  • Using the Alexa Toolbar (Internet Explorer) and SearchStatus (Firefox)
With the last Google PageRank update(April), this blog and McGrath Info Solution are now PR3 sites(i2mfan is PR2) Dosh Dosh had 20 tips on improving your Alexa rank. Back to Alexa One of the problem with Alexa is that unless visitors use the free Alexa Toolbar(Internet Explorer only) or SearchStatus(Firefox, I use it and it's not from Alexa), the visits are not counted. I added the Alexa widget to show my rank of my sites in an effort to spread the word about them. Some even say that adding the widget may improve your rank quickly. I will see if it's true(update after 1-2 week: M.I.S. was 1,84 Million before the widget and was 2.4M). Another problem is that your buddy could just refresh your site page and this will count. So, if you like a site, please install any of these free toolbar and this will help them in return to pay for the site cost by getting an higher return from advertisers. Note: The widget and the Alexa site were not in sync while writing this post. was still at 2.4M on the widget but was 1.17M on the Alexa site.
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Great tip. I'm going to try it!

The note about the sync remains: the widget is not in sync with the Alexa site. I was 700K(widget) in the last few days but it what updated(467K) only today. The other site should be 983K.

Yes, real traffic is preffered ;)

Anything over 100K is easy to game. Let me know when you figure out how to game Alexa to keep yourself under 50K with a low level of traffic.

The main goal is to get a better ranking that is not in the 2-3 millions.

I don't game Alexa, it's too much work and not enough benefit. Once you break the 100K area there is no big benefit until you break 10K.

Ok, I see. You need real traffic like John Chow. :D