Mini-Review First

The ebook is not a scam and see the proof below of my first 2 weeks from my PayPal account. In short, Jon Davies let you replace the buy button in the ebook with your own AlertPay/PayPal account. I repeat, it does work and it's not a scam or I would had warned you to stay away! If you still don't buy it after seeing the proof then your neighbor will and make money instead of you. ;) My blog is not very popular yet but I could only imagine how many more sales if it were. Yes, you do make $40 every time less PayPal fees, of course. I can't offer any proof other than that below.

Update 2008-10-31: I just bought the domain name and not the site. I will promote my own ebook See Free Movies Legally.

Update 2008-07-18: Sorry, I was sure I had updated this page but the site is dead for some time now. But, I found a better replacement. This one is only $7 and you get $7 directly in your PayPal account. Plus, if you know stuff(gardening, hockey, computers...), you can recreate it for your own need or sell it like I'm doing now with See Free Movies Legally(make money too for just $3) and the included script. The script was one of the reason I got it. Yes, $40 was fun to get while it lasted but many emailed me to say that it was too much. Now, $7 is the price of a fast food meal and easier to swallow. ;)

Update 2007-11-15 : I expect November 2007( more sells than than last month at the same date :D ), December and January to be much better because people will want to earn more money for the next holiday season, or after, to pay the bills. I can't very blame them. :D

Update 2007-11-22 : I sold 2 today and the day is not over yet! People are starting to understand the potential when using it with other affiliate programs below :D

Income 4 Beginners Payments

Update 2007-12-02 : November was better than October. I think December will be even greater for those wanting some extra cash for the holidays(bigger gift ;) )!!!!

Update 2007-12-07 : I got my first AlertPay payment today. You will notice that the fees are less than PayPal. It was worth it to take a few minutes to register back then to get the free AlertPay account. Even if you don't buy Income 4 Beginners, it's a nice backup with lesser fees.

Income 4 Beginners Payments

Update 2007-12-21 : I got less sales than I expected. The money must be for buying gifts instead. :D . Of course, those who received money as gifts and/or buy it in the last days of December will be ready for the first day of January.

Update 2008-01-09 : I got more sales than I expected since the month began.

Update 2008-01-10: I got my second AlertPay payment yesterday. :D

Update 2008-03-13: I did not make any sales for some time now but I stop promoting it too(other projects). You may try it for yourself if you want. You maybe are in a country where PayPal is not still available but AlertPay has just recently arrived. They are other ways to make money that are listed below in this post.

But read on if you want more detail information, tips and get the bonus(worth $10.00USD). Also, read all of it and look for the other ways where you can get $30 each time you sell a page on the Million Euro Wiki Affiliate Program for example or do paid reviews on your blog for examples.
Income 4 Beginners Payments

AlertPay details
Income 4 Beginners Payments


The longer review of the "solution"

I was introduced for a review to an easy solution for making money online called Income 4 Beginners(Income 4 Dummies was the name then).

At first, I was a skeptic and wanted to review it and warned people if it were a scam or fraud. If you had read my blog before, you know that I like to warned people. :D But upon reading the free ebook, I decided, for the review, to buy the solution because it's so a simple solution that anyone can make money even without a web site so they say. It's ironic that I use my blog for that. :) But you really don't need a site because it can be sold via email only if you want thus you can work from home. Also, you know upfront what you will get which is rare. To make a real review, you need to have the product in hand and not jump to conclusion like many did. Are you going to review a movie without seeing it?

Edit: I now recommend selling it with a site based on feedback from the first batch of buyers. I will test email marketing on a later date.

What is it?

In short, you get your own version of the ebook by Jon Davies but with your AlertPay/PayPal account plus 23 files(241MB zipped) in ebooks and HTML/applications that you can resell with your name(master resell rights). I just browsed them fast but it's the main ebook I wanted the most at first. Some may argue that the other stuff are not up to date. Then again here the breakdown of items by year:

2007: 8
2006: 8
2005: 5
2002: 1
2000: 1

I used the file dates to give a year. If they wanted to look new, they would all be dated for 2007. If 2007 is not up to date then they have a real problem. The estimation of the value done by the author of each product can be disputed. We are in a free market after all and it's the seller that decide how much to sell them. You may find them at lower priced elsewhere or higher but not free.

It's up to you to decide and may find, or not, some information that is useful to you. I guest that if you have no notion at all in one area, it may help you. Plus, you may not want to put all your eggs in the same basket because you should diversify your streams of income anyway. It may also give you ideals to market your own ebook product or build HTML applications. :)

Again, do some research of everything in the package and decide if you can get it for less elsewhere and if some of it could be useful for you now or maybe later. I guest value is in the eye of the buyer. You can learn something for the content itself or the way it's package.

Is it a scam, fraud?

Looking at my Google Analytics, a lot of people want to be sure and find this page. I'm glad that people do their research before hand. I found that those who are searching for "scam" still don't buy it. It's like they wrongly made up their mind in the first place and want to validate it. I did a real review with the result based on my own experiences and did not over inflate the numbers(see PayPal picture above or below). I'm selling it because I do make money with it! I'm not stupid and I don't want someone else to make the money based on my real review. :D

I found a so called "scam" forum, that without buying it, also insinuated wrong things and the thread started being nasty to those who bought it before me and tried to respond. They did give one information about the effectiveness of the ebook. The ebook claimed that 96% will buy it. It's not true from my own stats(first 2 weeks) or I'm may not be a good seller ;). Then again, a forum user insinuated that the seller, for example, could get a cut of the your sales. Me, I get 100% of the ebook less the AlertPay or PayPal fees :(. It's not a multi-level affiliate deal because the author, and I, don't get nothing from your end.

I also found no evidence from the Ripoff Report and my own experience.

Is it a pyramid?

A pyramid is when you sell nothing or an object of no value. Again, look at what you get with the 242MB(23 files) that you will download. If I would had received a 1KB dummy file, then I would had been mad. Also, I give a bonus below for bloggers or future bloggers because I want too. I was doing that before I added this "pyramid" paragraph.

How the author make money then?

The original author Jon Davies(name in page 10 of the ebook) will try to sell you other things but I did not buy them. You could buy it if you want. It's his way to make some money from his ebook. He also sell it directly. I don't make nothing from your sales. You get 100% of the sale.

The price is $40.

It's my easy cash cow and it's easy to understand at $40 for each sale. For some of you, this amount is high. I can understand that but don't forget that you will get $40 for each sale yourself when you will start to sell it. That's what I reply to those who email me about the price. Once they realized that, they buy it. If you can't wait a few days(setup your new site, host...) before making money, then don't buy it but do comeback(save this URL) when you have it all setup. For those that can then:

  • Read the ebook and decide if you want to buy(page 13) the solution.

  • You will need a AlertPay/PayPal account (create a Premium/Premier account for your own version of the ebook

  • Save BeginnersProducts.pdf . If you have troubles during the process, contact the author at the address in the ebook or in the above . You will save you a lot of time.

  • IMPORTANT: Use the link in my ebook or here. I must be able to see you in my AlertPay/PayPal transactions to get the exclusive bonus.

That's it!

Proof of payments

I put my first 2 weeks to show you that I sold 13 in all. I won't retire on that but it's still nice. :D I modified the picture for privacy issues and kept the best part. :D I removed other columns and transactions not part of that income too. That's the double lines you see.

Income 4 Beginners Payments

In greens, it's the payments. In red, the PayPal fees. The Seller Protection Policy is Ineligible on some of them. That's the reason of the higher fees. :( But you do see that I get the whole $40 less the fees.

My first email from a buyer

I'm not used to this but I liked it. I asked before posting it and removed the name for privacy.

Congratulations and thank you to your initiative. I have seen Income 4 Beginners before and although it seemed to be an ok program to work with, I refused the offer. But with your great incentive there was no way I could let it go. So once again thanks for the opportunity and congratulations. I hope you increase your sales to compensate your bonus offer, even knowing you are already on profit at it, but the most you earn with it, the better.

Have an awesome day!

Taking it to the next level(better I think than email alone)

It won't cost you anything more in most cases. It's the best way for making money online anyway.
If you have a site

Create a page to bring traffic to it and buy some Text-Link-Ads. If you are a brand new TLA customer, then you are better off with the $100 coupon Text Link Ads has available for new customers. It will cost you another $25 but you will get $125 in text links for only $25. I used that method to bring traffic to 1 Cool File. In your case, use blogs that talk about making money and go for the traffic. Warning: Buying links is not seen in a good light by Google. They don't like paid link that return Google PR.

If you don't have a site or you want to create a site because you don't talk about money on it

Please, use my host and take a Linux Home package. For $4.99/month, you get plenty of bandwidth and 2 free domains included. You can add more domains later. You only have to sell 2 solutions a year at $40 to be pay for the hosting. That won't be hard and you can sell more solutions if you want. ;)

Why not take the Beginner($3.99) or Microsoft package?

You could but you only get 1 free domain. Instead, you can create 1 domain for the family/blog or site and the other to only sell the solution on it. You can then use the Text-Link Ads and it will only cost you $25 more with the coupon to get $125 in links. Also, with Linux hosting, you can use WordPress for your blog. You could also use the other higher price package and get more bandwidth and more free domains. I feel the Home package(first 3 months free now with $125 in advertising vouchers for Microsoft adCenter, Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing, and Citysearch) is a good middle ground with more possibilities to grow.

Depending on the type of site, use Money 4 Banners to make a fast $10 on sign up and $5/month with banners You can see it on It's the Insurance banner. If approved, the site will be free for you each month. ;)


For the first year with very very conservative numbers:

Make 1 sale per month at $40 - $1.86(highest PayPal fees) = $457.68- $40(your cost of this book from me) = $417.68 for your first year. Can your bank turn $40 into $417.68 profit in 1 year? Mine can't.

Ok, it's not thousands like in the ebook but very good for only a $40 investment.

Except for the first month which was most of my readers on my very small blog, I sold about 5 per month(Sept, Oct, Nov(expected more now)...). Again, I did not promote it a lot, yet it's better than my 1 per month target above. So far, my $40 exceeded all my expectations!

Worst case(lazy buyer that do nothing):

In the very worst case, you lose $40 if you really do nothing with it. I really mean nothing. If they don't know you got it, they won't buy it. But I bet you will sell at least one. I sold 13 with no real promotion. I just created this page when I started.

You see that I put very low numbers. It's only an example but just imagine if you sell 2-3 or even 10 a week. You initial $40 will seemed like peanuts and wondered why you did not buy sooner. ;)
Extra Bonus

If you have a blog not just for Income 4 Beginners, I will add it permanently in my Blog Directory. It's a value of $4.00. Think of the free traffic you will get to them over the years. This offer is only good for 2 months after the purchase from me. Why? Because I want you to enter the world of blogs sooner than later. :D Otherwise, you will forget it. So, think about it because you can make money from blogs too!

Once you have a blog, you can start writing paid review for third party review services(PayPerPost, ReviewME, SponsoredReviews ....) Those do require some work but many blogger make extra money from that. On PayPerPost, you can make your first $20USD by doing a review about them. That's easy and all are free to join!

Email me on 1 Cool File with the name used in AlertPay/PayPal and the blog name(s) and URL(s). The blog must have it's own domain. It must not be hosted on a free blogging service.


In time, you should add more revenue sources(I do that) or could make a good living with the solution. It's a simple way to make money online while working at home. You can make more if you put the time to bring traffic to your site or do more email marketing. If not, you still get a way to pay for your site and also pay for a few extras. ;) I easily made a few hundreds in my first 2 weeks with no real promotion. For me, I don't want to depend on it but it's still nice having cash coming in every week or so. :D

But at $40 for each sale, it's a no brainer with the information I provided you! Sometime, you just need to take a small chance but it's up to you! I just added the bonus to help you balance that very very small perceived "risk".

If your still don't like it, it's your lost but it's also ok. At least, get into the Million Euro Wiki Affiliate Program and get a $30 commission per page you sell. I have the Business Cards(250 free cards) and Blogging pages. Use my coupon to save $10 on a page. Read the post on how you could win one of the many iPod Touch. One is drawn for every 25 pages sold. The sooner you buy one, the better your chances of winning :D

I tried to give the information the way I see it based on my own experience. I also offered you many methods to go to the next level that would let you have your own site site with almost no cost to you with Money 4 Banners for example.

You first wanted to make money online with Income 4 Beginners and landed here. I do make money with it but it's not the only way. Some methods may pay more and some less. The point is the take the first step. You could be making more money over time with the other affiliate programs than with Income 4 Beginners. The ideal is to combine all of them including Income 4 Beginners.

The Poll(my own curiosity)

Please, email me at info [at] if you still think it's a scam and tell me why or if you have any more questions about Income 4 Beginners, I will be glad to dissipate your doubts.

P.S. I have seen a blog that copied the style of this posting. I taught it was funny.

P.S. I will update this page often when I have more information to give.

Edit: The sidebar in Internet Explorer is at the bottom(???). Usually it's the images that's causing this but not this time. That's another reason to use Firefox ;)

Edit: The old name was Income 4 Dummies and the pay service is now with AlertPay(more countries, so more money ;) ). See my post: AlertPay: a PayPal alternative. PayPal is also available with Income4Beginners. Seeing this, I would still say to open an AlertPay account just in case for Backup and more sales where PayPal is not available. Plus, it's free and charge less per transaction.
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