Since January, I had trouble with the IMDB ftp files that had change. So, this weekend, I took many many hours to see what files did not work. For example, the actors list alone took about 2h30-3h. It took a long time but I finally found the changed files. I guest some files were fixed since then. I created the database(1.35 gig unrar, 270MB rar, 8 hours) with Info2MIS 2.0.0b13 (for me only). A smaller version for 2006-2007 movies exist(91MB unrar, 21MB rar). I'm testing the other files that are not included in it and will release b13 after that test is done. In the mean time, you can use the latest version of Info2MIS(b12) to use the new database. If your don't know, the database will let you create a .MIS for a movie in 2 clicks but instead of using the site, it will use the local database with more information than the site. The search result(75%) is less than via the site(90%). It can serve has a backup if the page change format(often)and will give me time to fix Info2MIS.
Keywords: Info2MIS, Software, Technology