iPod, iTune, iPhone and next iBigBrother?

Without a doubt, iBigBrother oops Apple is somewhat good at iMarketing. That is an iFact. Before they launched the iPod other mp3 media players existed and they were only playing catch up by launching the hardware(catch up) and software(ie Apple Store). That's what made them different and yes, that worked great for iBigBrother. Most consumers will say an "iPod" instead of "mp3 player" to designate the product category. They also have the Apple TV. Since I don't use Apple products much(except Quicktime), I was not sure of the full name or if they used the iSomething. I was surprise that it was "hidden" in the iTune section unlike the other products. It no wonder that it's less popular than the other product on the main page. Maybe a new name should be given with an "i" and more publicity on TV. Last year, they launched the iPhone but did a mistake with the price by lowering it a few months later. Some were iPi**ed at them with a good reason. This week, they launched the iPhone 3G but world wide this time around. Yes, even in Canada you can now legally own a iPhone 3G. The sad point in all of this is that consumers are now getting all there iStuff from iBigBrother. Would had be a better deal for iBigBrother fan to be able to select their own telephone, music provider or at least get a second choices? I won't argue that having all from the same place can be very convenient but it also limit the consumer choices and they are now "media hostages" of iBigBrother. "Can I play my movie elsewhere?" Yes, iProducts did saved the financial future of iBigBrother. Will iBigBrother be like Microsoft was in 1990s but in 2010s if it becomes bigger? iBigBrother fan: Would you prefer an open media standard with more competition or are you fine the way it is now and locked into iBigBrother? Do you use iBigBrother products(except for Quicktime)? P.S. I used some humor in the text and teased you Apple fans. :D But I would still like the feedback from you. In a gesture of goodwill, you might find a good deal in Apple products(used or new) below: (Clicking on any link will give you more choices) iPhone is first if you want to pickup a cheap first generation. ;) [phpbay]iPhone, 6, [/phpbay] iPod [phpbay]iPod, 6, [/phpbay] iTune [phpbay]iTune, 6, [/phpbay] Apple TV [phpbay]Apple TV, 6, [/phpbay]
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