Is Google going to buy or start a paid for blogging service?

First, Google bought and recently FeedBurner. Now, what they lack is a paid for blogging service. If they do, they will be able to undercut every one and bring there current catalog of advertisers. But which one should they buy or should they start they own? What ranking system would they use? To Buy or not to buy? Which one is the question? I know of other services but those are the ones most often mentioned. ReviewME: Many top bloggers use this one and we see the badge often but if your read my previous post, it's not perfect yet for advertisers. Also, Text Link Ads is also operated by the same company according to nice4rice and would be in a grey area. PayPerPost: Not perfect but getting there. Another recent round of funding may attract more top bloggers and advertisers. Start me up! They could start from scratch and I'm sure that bloggers would look at it. They would look at what others did and what did not work and start with new rules. Getting advertisers would not be a problem if they can use the current Adwords account. Rank me! Rank me! If they buy one of these or even create their own system, what ranking system will they use? Sure, they will use their own Page Rank/FeedBurner but what other parameters could they use. We already know that Technorati, Alexa and link counts are flawed. And waiting 3 months for an official update of the PR is not a choice for bloggers and RSS/Email feeds is not enough. They could use Google Analytics to measure traffic. One solution would be to use all of them but with a different percentage depending on the tools the blogger use. The % are examples only. Google services: Here, if the blog begins to get popular very fast, it will change and the blogger could ask for more. Page Rank : 25% FeedBurner: 25% Analytics : 25% Links : 15% Technorati: 5% Alexa : 5% 1 Google services:With 1 services that Google has control over, the Page Rank is weighted less. Page Rank : 50% FeedBurner: 25% (or Analytics) Links : 15% Technorati: 5% Alexa : 5% No Google services:The blog must wait longer for the Page Rank to change before asking for more money per review. Page Rank : 75% Links : 15% Technorati: 5% Alexa : 5% Conclusion I could see them make a move in that market in a nearby future because they have most of the tools now. The next step would be contextually relevant keyword like Kontera or add it in Adsense. What would you like them to do: Nothing, Buy one or Start one?
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If they were going to offer a paid review service, they should wait a year and then buy PayPerPost. It's by far the biggest, and has a lot going for it right now.


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