I take a break to go see Spider-Man 3 and I missed that news. I also read the article on johnchow.com and he gave information on the financial performance of Yahoo. I don't follow that like I used too. Microsoft will be buying the same thing it already does(portal, search, web mail, messenger). Is too much? $50 Billion is a lot at this time just after releasing Vista. Is it good for users? One less competitor may mean less innovations(remember who won the browser wars). I use Google for my general search even if I know of other sites(MSN, Yahoo...). My home page is the Sympatico/MSN site but yet I still search with Google. I do more search on imdb.com and tv.com than MSN and Yahoo. If Microsoft wants to win, it will have to earn the trust of users and not do like IE and that's if they ever win over Google. Will the Yahoo guy(the yelling guy) want a piece of this now? And Microsoft can't find a few millions to keep Visual Foxpro alive? Now, we know why!
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