After seeing report that Knol was getting indexed and given more authority, I decided to create my own Knol page yesterday. For my first test, I wrote a unique content Knol page and point it to my former BANS. It was converted to phpBay(API). That's why I did not mentioned that page since I don't want to make mistakes. I did not make the page spammy since the information was good and to the point. Also, since that page was deindexed by Google(.info + BANS). I wanted to see what would happen. Btw, the only mentioned in Google was from a Yahoo answer that someone else did. The domain itself is not even indexed. It's also the same domain I used to get traffic from this service(use googlesale2008 for 20% off until July 31) that I mentioned here. After 16 hours, the page has not been indexed yet. Edit 2008-07-29: Still not indexed after 36+ hours. If I'm login, I can find it using the "Search" function but not if I'm log off. Edit 2008-08-02: Still not indexed in Google. If I a do a search(not login), I can't find it but I can is see: Not enough results? Search again allowing more matches Then it will show me my Knol
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