Is Pope Benedict safe?

I just watched on CNN the security breach that involved the Pope. A man jump the security barriers when the Pope was passing and the security team stop him. At that moment, I noticed three things:
  • the Pope doesn't use the Pope mobile(he like to be more open)
  • he was not aware of the breach
  • and more importantly, most of the security team rushed to the back leaving 2 guys in front. The "new" back team had troubles in keeping him down for a few seconds.
My questions are:
  • Should the Pope use the bullet-proof Pope Mobile more now?
  • If not, should the Pope use a bullet-proof vest unless he's wearing one now?
  • What if a second person targeted the Pope but from the front at the same time? 2 guys might not be enough then.
Unfortunately, I could not see how many protected the front(10-15 feet's from the jeep) at that moment. Maybe someone could answer this last point. P.S. Nothing to do with technology except for the bullet-proof stuff ;)
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