Is the next PageRank update starting?

While visiting Digital Point today, a new thread about PageRank update was started where some are beginning to be updated and some not. If true, it means that the official update will be next few day like many expected. Why it's important?  It's important because Google don't update the official page often(3-4 months). The last one was in May/April. It also important to those who want more revenue from advertisers. An higher PR means more money. :D And don't forget that I have a contest for those who register on 1 Cool File or blog about it. If you post before the Google PR update and you win, it's not $50 but $100 that you will win. It's not the only prize and the others  are not affected by the PR and you don't need a blog.  What are waiting for? ;) On a side note, Robosoft updated it's database. That was fast!  So, when authors update their Robosoft like I did, they will be able to add new software to the site. If you have a site, I hope you will gain at least a PageRank.  But I wonder how the Viral*** trains will affect PR? I'm expecting a 4 or 5(iwebtools PR prediction) but may be penalize by the train.
Keywords: 1 Cool File, Blogging, Contest, Money, Ranking


Hello Steve, I'm joining the contest and did it before PR update ;)

Good luck and you are the first contestant, btw. :D

Good luck :P


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