John Chow troubles with Technorati rankings

John Chow has troubles with his Technorati that affect is ranking on ReviewME thus possible earnings. I was surprise to see on how high you have to get on Technorati to the have the 5 stars on ReviewME. Btw, he has a rank of 63 but got 133 from ReviewME . Here is mine: Technorati on ReviewME They will fix it but I would like to know how much is needed for each thing(Alexa, RSS...). I guest I will have to work harder and be patient to get the $400 review. ;)
Keywords: Blogging, Money, Ranking, ReviewMe


It's a variable(I know it's flawed) that is still important to advertisers/services. If you don't want to make money from a blog/site, then it's not important.

I wouldn't worry to much about Alexa. i don't know why anyone bothers using it any more. the traffic rankings are the most misleading i have ever seen.


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