Here are some stats for BANS/phpBay for July. For reminder, here are previous months results: April: $1.84 May: $98.12 June: $163.44 and for July: $139.71 First thing you will noticed is that is dropped a bit but so was the traffic(summer I guest). I must mentioned that I did not do much with them(no link building) since I was still working on AuctionSiteWriter and another project that will make you money too. One of my former BANS and .info was converted to phpBay. It's not indexed in Google yet but I still made $37.18 from it including one ACRU(signup of $25). Also, I did $3.57 from another .info/phpBay(converted). The rest was made from pre-owned domains. This is still the best way. phpBay just released v3(beta) of the API. I did not used it yet but if it does what I think, one site will be able to be international thus increasing overall income.
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