Launching Friendswin v1.5 Soon(Facebook Alternative)

Some of you know that I wrote about Friendswin before, I was exited at that time because I saw a real potential for Friendswin. I even called it a Facebook Alternative where you can make money if you wanted too. Because it was not a MLM, I decided to joined and pay my $9.95/month. I will recap some of the big features(very video centric):
  • It's a social network(video chat)
  • It's only for adults because of the video dating part
  • You can find work(video resume)
  • Promote your business
  • Everyone is assigned a sponsor(semi-MLM part for free or paid members). No need to bypass me. ;)
  • and more
They made a video showing the soon to be launch version 1.5. Soon after I joined, I started to promote it. I got about 30-35 members under me with 2-3 that paid their $9.95/month. Then, I started to get private message that were spam(FriendsSpam). That was a real turn off. I don't blame members for quitting at that point. Friendswin finally step up and made a big cleanup and so, I don't get spam has much now. When I do, I can report them easily. They also removed most of the non active members. I was too busy on my other projects to make used of the network. I only approved friends. From the start, I decided to sticked to it for 5-6 months. I have reached that point but I will continue because of the future improvement coming soon with v1.5. I will give it 3+ months but they will pump the marketing campaign with the new version. If you want to join(free), click here. The link is for the Friendswin "sales" page of features/opportunities. It's more complete than the old one. is my new site for URL redirection. I should get banners this week and post more about it.
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Launching Friendswin v1.5 Soon(Facebook Alternative) | McGrath Dot Ca...


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