"LG BD300 is the first Blu-Ray player to stream Netflix" Wow, it's like a PS3 minus the games but instead of Sony's streaming service, it's Netflix. Personally, I would not bother streaming a movie. It's a Blu-Ray player after all. But if you missed an episode of a TV show, then this could be a great second backup. Then again, a HD-PVR would be the first backup by setting a timer in the first place. You will need a wired broadband connection so one more wire. Women don't like wires in the living room so you must hide it. ;) The Netflix streaming will start 30 seconds after the movie or show is selected. I would expect that HD programs would take longer considering the bigger size. If Netflix do many deals like with the LG BD300, they could become the defacto standard. Of course, it depends on how many manufacturers want to add this feature and at what cost to them if any. The LG BD300 will be available this fall and no price was given.
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