One of the hosting service I'm using, THC,  is again delivering their yearly Rudolf special: Lifetime hosting starting at $48. You just need to give them a domain name(new or transfer) at $10/year. You will also have privacy on your domain name.

The only thing is that it's limited to 1000 customers per plan.

Here are the plans:

Rudolf Mini
Domains: 10, 50GB storage, 50GB bandwidth
Linux: $48 one-time
Windows: $73 one-time

Rudolf 2.0
Domains: 10, 150GB storage, 1000GB bandwidth
Linux: $148 one-time
Windows: $173 one-time

Btw, you can pay with PayPal if you want.

I used one package(1 plan only last year) for one of my niche blog. The service is okay and fast most of the time I had to deal with the support. Recently, a domain was loading too much the server and they removed it.  It was the first time it happen since I had it.

If you have a niche blog or a flagship blog with not much traffic yet, the monthly bandwidth is less important. For $48, THC is giving you a good deal. ;)
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