Looking For A Job: Video Resume on Friendswin

If you are looking for a new job or looking for a new employee, you might want to look at Video Resume on Friendswin. They officially started the service this week. They just started but it show the potential of the service. Video Resume (no login required for viewing but some of them ask for an access code). It's public for now but I imagine that it won't be later on. If you want to make a Video Resume, you must register and you need a sponsor: http://www.friendswin.com/imr_recruit.php?campaign=10670 Coming next... They should make available the Video Dating(demo) this weekend. I bet it won't be public this time around. If the video dating is like I think it is, a lot of money could be made.  ;) Finally, the Friendswin network is starting to take shape. Are you planning on registering(it's free)  and to look into it?
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Video resumes can be a valuable tool when searching for a job. If done right Video resumes can bring good job results.


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