Losing weight fast?

It's not my style to get personal but I think this might help some reading this and those doing Internet Marketing(darker health side): Are you thinking of losing weight fast?

If you still think of losing weight fast after reading this, I hope you will reconsider.


In my early 30s, I got to a point that I was getting fat... okay I was borderline obese. At least, I'm not or was a smoker.  I joked that I had extra reserved in case of another Irish famine. lol

At that time, I never did a diet/exercise. I finally did the Atkin's diet and was losing weight fast: nearly 70 pounds within 6 months. I was walking, biking on my recumbent bike while watching television(multitasking) ...I went all out.

For me with Atkin's, it was the fact that I could still be a carnivore(eat meats) and eat chocolate flavor products.

I also wrote a list of things I wanted to eat but I did not while on the diet.

Everyone told me I was getting too thin. But when I checked my BMI score, I was still 15 pounds over. I wanted  to be in the middle at about 21-22 of normal weight. BTW, a BMI is one benchmark to look at. Some use other measurements.

And Poof!!!

Then it happens: I went on my 2 weeks vacation with my now bigger list. I gain 13 pounds during that time. I was never able to get back the previous mindset I had before. I did tried a few times but did not last long.

It took about 7-8 years and I "gained" all those pounds back and more. I guest I was luckier than most since it normally take 5 years.

What About Now?

I decided of doing very tiny steps but my own way. Since Christmas, I lost a good 5 pounds from the highest I ever was.

I will weight myself every morning. In my case, I noticed that when I was not doing that, I would gain more weight. This way, I can have an idea of where I am while taking into consideration the previous day.

For example,  if I was at a party, then it's normal I would gain weight thus not stress about it.

Unlike being a webmaster, it's okay to look at your stats everyday. ;)

I know I have bad eating habits and I'm accepting it by manipulating that side of me. When I buy junk food, I still look at the carbohydrates and pick the lowest one when possible. For the last year, I take a multivitamins every morning to compensate.

One thing I kept doing all this years, it's to park my car away from the door when I go the the shopping mall/theater.  This way, I walk a little more. I know I should do more exercise so I use alternative ways like that.

Instead of writing a list, I will act on my craving and get it out of my system or wait when it's on special.

Carb's, Diabetes ...Oh my!

My family has an history of diabetes so I'm more aware of counting carb's.

Last month, my vitamins bottle was almost empty so I went to Costco for a refill. There, I saw a related product I was taking in my diets days: Whey Protein powder. But was it high in carbs?

If you don't know, you take the carbs minus the fiber to calculate the real carbs. In this case, it had 2 carb per portions with 1 gr. of fiber thus a total of 1 carb. I still don't calculate my daily carbs.

If you took Slim-Fast powder, you had 30-40gr per portion back then. Slim-Fast now has low carb shakes but not in powder form.

In my diet days, a 5 lbs powder pack  was costing me around $60-70 but I never took the time to check the price in recent years. I was surprise to see that the price dropped to $30. Lucky for me, Costco had chocolate flavor. :D

If you don't have a Costco near you, look hear. Click to see other flavors.

[phpbay]Whey Protein powder chocolate,6[/phpbay]

As for the taste, it's not Quik but better than I expected. Don't worry, you will get used to the taste.  If not, try another brand.

You could mix it in 2%  milk like I'm doing now. Later, you can use 1%, skim and eventually water.   Those powders don't dissolve so you have to shake them or use a small blender(milk shake feel).

Note: Ladies, by now you may have noticed that the way to my heart  is with chocolate. Even now a devil's chocolate cake will work(diet or not)  lol


The weird thing is that I'm not a big eater. I not going to eat 10 pancakes in the morning and 10 hamburgers at launch. On the contrary, I often take 2 toasts in the morning and sometimes with 1-2 eggs. I will however take 2 cookies here and there.

But by finding this affordable whey protein powder, it gave me the idea to add this option to my meals again. Like I mentioned before, I will do it my way, at my pace.

Since I started using the powder 4 days ago, I lost 1-2 more pounds. That's in addition of the other 5 pounds already lost.  I'm also trying to decrease  my number of snacks to add in my overall new effort to lose weight.

The problem of doing Internet Marketing full time is that we are often in front of the computer for long stretch of  hours. Eventually, the passive money earned will allow us to take time for us.

I know I should do more exercise. Now, if I could just add links to my sites while going on a walk. Wait, I could start a BMD run and go walk(IM joke). ;) This would give more CPU resource to BMD anyway.

What I learned is that losing weight fast was encouraging on the moment but not that good in the long run.

P.S. National security at risk?

People will tell you moderation is the key, and I agree. But why are most North American are getting fatter and fatter every year? Is there outside influence at work here?

If a country wanted to invade the US or Canada, they would just need to wait a couple of decades. By then, the average adult will be too big and out of shape to go outside or would die of a stroke just my lifting a firearm. lol

Those who are Stargate fans will remember the "2010" episodes.
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I haven't tried Atkin's yet, but I should try it for myself.

[...] Losing weight fast? [...]

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