I found an affiliate that paid me $10 just to signup(limited time). That was very easy. But also, it gave me an alternative if I start to get Adsense smart pricing on one of my site. So, while I remove my Adsense code on the site, I can replace it with that affiliate. Every time I send them a new visitor, I get $0.05 and $0.50 if they write a review. Okay, it's not much but it's better than $0.01. Of course, you can use Adbrite to replace it for example. Taking it to the next level I use another method that for every site I visited, I could send them a visitor to one of my site. I just them to my affiliate thus the no site needed part. But time is money so I paid $5.95 and was able to sent 1000 real visitors. It's optional and you could do it for free but I wanted to test the method both ways. Show me the numbers Simple calculation mean that I should had make a net profit of $43.05(1000 visitors * $0.05 -$5.95) with my 1000 visitors I sent. Well, not exactly. Some visitors are not accepted or even counted or the window was closed too soon. We all have the same problem with own web analytics. This is a screen shot of my affiliate showing what I received. You will noticed that I got 422 visitors or 42.2%. I do think you can do better and I may had been unlucky during my test. Of that, 10 were declined. But I still made $13.65( $20.60- $5.95) plus the $10 for signup. The screen also show a referrals/sales program but they use a generic affiliates program. If someone do register under me, I will update this and use the contact form to tell me.

You may click on the picture to enlarge it.

Turn $5.95 into $20.60

Conclusion I mainly used the above methods(free to join) plus writing this post to send traffic but I just started to use my other sites too. You could write for an article review site, add it to your forum signature, email signature(no site needed) ..... Because I don't want to loose possible Adsense clicks, I open a new window. That's my Adsense smart pricing alternative besides Adbrite. You also noticed that I did not write the affiliate name. You will have to click :D to know about it because it's my click-bait. But they do reviews(Car, Movies, Home...) so it's good for many niche blogs/sites. My special offer Because I don't know if and how it will works, those that do register with the affiliate or using the method under me, you will be able to add 1 real blog in my blog directory(PR6) for life(no review will be needed). Just contact me after you are in so that I can check the report(user name/email used). The hour may give a clue, I hope. Note: So to not spoiled the fun, I disabled the comments.
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