Make a fast £10 and £5/month with banners

Today, I was accepted by Bucks4Banners. Just by signing I will get £10. Notice that it's not dollars but pounds($20.20USD). After that, it's £5 each month. Before you jump in, you should be aware of a few things:
  • They don't like blogs very much, at least my blogs. I don't know the criteria but all my blogs were denied. Maybe because they were too new and not a year yet. This blog was also denied but it's on a subdomain and less than a year. They may not like subdomain too.
  • was accepted because it's a regular and older site (Feb. 2006).
  • You have to place the banners on 3 pages.
  • You get paid with Amazon Vouchers or cash via PayPal
Because of those, you should still submit your site to Bucks4Banners but also submit a blog if you have one. They don't take long to accept or denied an application. It took less than 24 hours for me. If you only have blog and a free domain left in your hosting plan, you could take the weekend to create a simple site with information taken from your blog. You could then submit that site. Create the main page, an about page and a link page. By monday, they should be able to see the site. I will like to hear from you either way. Tell me if it's a blog or site and how old(days, months, years) it was. That may help the others!
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If you want to earn money by advertising on your website then you should take a look at You enter the details of your website and any pages you wish to have advertisements on. They then match you with advertisers and pay you £3 per advert that you display on your website for a month. You can enter up to 5 websites and 5 pages on each site so potentially you could make £75 a month for doing vitually nothing and you could earn even more through their affiliate scheme with an extra £5 per referral.


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