Make French Fries And Get Fuel For Your Car!

OK, you can't make that much! :( The Granby(Quebec, Canada) owner of the Duhamel rotisseries decided to recycle his cooking oil. So, instead of paying for his 350 liters/week of cooking oil to be taken care off, he now use it for fuel. For 7 months now, his 2 delivery cars and his personal car run on bio-diesel. He took one year to find the good vegetable fuel that was supposed to warm up the house but found the economy was greater with his car. He found a recipe online but had to adapt it for his needs. The recipe consist of 20% of wood alcohol (methanol) to used canola oil. Because it's very cold in the winter, he must add 20% of diesel. Mr. Duhamel do the transformation himself in his small storage house. It takes 1h30 to make the recipe and 8 hours to ferment. This fuel must be used in diesel cars. That why he bought 2 Smart for deliveries and a Jetta for him. In 3 years if it goes well, all of his 12 delivery cars will run on it. It cost about $130 in regular fuel per car versus $10 for the two biofuel Smart for doing the deliveries. The Quebec-City-Montreal round trip(500KM or 310.6Miles) cost him only $2 with his Jetta. He may use it for other uses like heating the walk in of the restaurant. Now, that's technology used in a good way to save money, lower the pollution and require less fuel at the same time. And no, it does not smell like fries. :D P.S. 350 Liters = 92.46 (US gallons) 500Km = 310.6Miles $2CAD = 1.948USD
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