Not so long ago, I was put in touch with a young woman that wanted a basic site for her new business. Sorry,  it's a local French speaking business in Québec city(ville de Québec).

In her case, she does not have any computer yet. Yes people, not everyone are online 24/7 and the money goes to something more important: her children.  That, I can understand and I'm always impress when people take control of their financial future even in this economy.

Working with MyStarterBlog

I used a current MyStarterBlog theme but modified it to her basic need. For now, the site is like a online brochure and I will update myself. Later if she get a computer, I will teach her how to update the site herself if she want.

She work mainly from her cell phone to take appointments so for now, I removed the contact page.You do need basic HTML/CSS to modify the theme.

For the graphic part, she was redoing her business cards and I asked her designer for a few jpg(logo, background). He was nice enough to email me those.

The site is done so that I don't have a RSS feed or news section. I only used the [homepagecontent] and a few pages/tags. Like I said, it's mostly to have an online  precence  and refer clients to the site to get more information after giving her business card to them.

Since I don't use any backend, I don't need to care about security issues. Also, it's light and fast for the server.

Making money with local businesses sites

Depending on your skills, you could start making a  basic site using MyStarterBlog to businesses near you. You could add some SEO services too if they have the budget.


In theory, it's something that could be done quickly if you have the content of the site first.

For me, it was a way to test the possibility of converting an English theme to French. Also, show what's possible to do with MyStarterBlog by going beyond the normal uses.
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