Making Money With Email Submits

I wanted try my hand at making money with email submits but none of my current affiliates had one. For example, CB is mostly for software and ebooks.  So, I registered with NB since I heard of them before and I knew they had some.

I was expecting to register and get an email a few minutes later or much later informing me that I was in the program. It was not like that. I first received a call to tell me I was in. I had to speak in English but that went well.   They want to check if I'm a real person and I'm okay with that.  The day after, I got another call from my affiliate manager. He wanted to introduce himself and see what were my goals. Again, I had to speak in English a bit longer with my French-Quebecois accent. ;)

Making Money With Email Submits

If you don't know, an email or zip submit is when people must give some information(name, email or zip) and you get paid for that action.

I have a pre-owned domain where the traffic is still coming largely from traffic exchange. So, I created a new main page to offer a related email submit for them. When they click(just 0.6% of the time), 12.5% of  them will take the offer. That site is averaging $3.14 per day since I started using it for that.  Some days, I make zero but on other days, I make more. The visitor do have a choice to take the offer or not.

Depending of the type of domain/traffic, I'm sure you could earn more or less than that. For example, you could have some poll on your site. Whatever they answer, you send them to the offer. They give the information and you collect the money. :D

For me, making money with email submits was easier than I expected. Yes, it was worth my time to register with NB.

P.S. No, I won't tell you the offer since you need to find one targeted to your traffic.
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