I was going to review Promosoft like I mentioned in a earlier post but I had troubles with it from the start. So here is the bad and the good. The bad:
  • Only 30 sites in the demo but you see 725 sites. You have to buy it and ask for an refund if you are not satisfied.
  • Some screens did not displayed properly but I'm using Large Fonts.
  • Crashed on me a few times
The good:
  • Faster to load but has less sites(725 vs 1158 for Robosoft)
  • Extract the user rating from the site(but not seen on the main page)
  • Extract the downloads from the site
When I submitted MIS Info Video v.2.6.0 with it, I had 21 submission and 9 that failed. Maybe those sites are easier to submit and why I got an higher success rate. That's why I would had like to get full access to the list of sites. They should do like Robosoft with a 30 days demo while supporting 1 or 2 products. In the end, I bought Robosoft($117CND) for my submission software because I like it better and wanted to submit MIS Info Video v.2.6.0 the same day. Plus, it already had all my logins and passwords. I also found, after my initial review, that when you want to Generate a report on your pending submission, it will take the current filter making it faster to process. Is it perfect? No but by working with the author, users can make it better in time. These types of software are faster than doing it by hand. It's a must for shareware authors who will receive money from the registration of their software. But for freeware authors, they can only hope that donations, clicking on ads or other sources(Simtel) would help compensate for that cost.
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