MIS Info Video 2.5.0 out and POLL

Hi, Just to tell you that MIS Info Video 2.5.0 was released today. I had to correct a small bug and added a few small things while at it. I got my own list of things but I want to here from you. Supporting new codecs(MP4, 3GP, M4V, MOV with aac ...5.1(?)) would cost a few hundreds dollars from the third party library I'm using(custom job). And they cost less than the others :D. On the UI front(lacking), a good collection of icons plus a few custom ones will also cost a few hundreds. If you don't mind both things above for now, I can add more features(cheap to free). So, what should be the next big change between mores features or a new User Interface? What is the primary thing you want me to spend time on? Thanks for your comments
Keywords: Freeware, High definition, Software, Technology


I think you should work on the UI. For now, most of my video files(95%) work on MIV and for the few that don't, I use the external player.


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