My Cheap/Fast Way For Indexing Backlinks

Once you created a backlink from articles using ArticleDemon(aff.), you must tell the search engines about it or wait to for it to be found. So, I decided in my last beta version of MyStarterBlog to create a "link template" just for that task by letting users import links into a bunch of posts.

The idea was to take 100s of backlinks(articles, profiles, bookmarks...) and help the search engines find them quicker. Each backlink indexed in Google is better than none.

I finally bought and distributed my first batch of articles using ArticleDemon. After 2 weeks, I had 206 that were still not indexed yet out of 235 still live ones. Some were deleted by owners or did not have any backlinks in my articles. the other 700+ articles will have to be approved in the coming months.

I bought a domain name previously and created a "link directory" using the template for Site directories except that I did not Read metatags since I Combine URLs with 125 backlinks per post for those articles posts. I used more URLs per post in a previous way but did not tracked the result.

I uploaded the new post, pinged the site using Pingler, did a  BMD run of those articles using only 9 dofollow social sites(no main SB sites) and the 2 posts after. I waited 1 week to see if the new post would be indexed. Today, I have 62 out of 209 that are now indexed.

Since those are backlinks with more value than profiles backlinks, I thought it would be worth a little time to help indexed them my way/faster.

I used for 2 months the Drip Feed Blast service(forum profiles) to create backlinks thus lower quality backlinks. Out of 114000 profiles, I got about 36000 still active links. Each blast gave me about 50-55% backlinks. But with time, some are deleted or are not visible.

Yesterday, I created about 180 posts for those 36000 and just used Pingler to pinged  the mais page site only. I did not  do a BMD run for each of those posts like I did with the article.

For now, I thinks it's working well but time will tell if it's worth my time. IMHO, I think so for articles.

One cool feature of  ArticleDemon is that you can get it to find the backlink of your published articles. Btw, that's one more  reason I like it and recommend it. I used The Best Spinner(aff.) to spinned my articles before to get unique content.
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thanks for this post..

I heard of ArticleDemon but never got the chance to try it.It seems that this software certainly gives you good results and can eventually help you make money. Thanks for sharing!

Nice post Mcgrath!


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