To get spiders come to your site or blog, you need to tell them that you updated your site. That's why having an updated ping list is a good thing.

I already had an old list but with too many dead ping servers. So I went online and found many older lists(thanks) or older post about that subject. The reasons I wanted a new list was for 3 reasons:

1. MyStarterBlog

I wanted to had a ping function in a theme for MyStarterBlog(my own software). I created a new batch of small MSB sites to make money online from them since I'm doing Internet Marketing. Plus,  I don't use WP for the reasons I don't want to be bothered with the whole security/MySQL issues that gave me problems in the past. It's set and forget for those make money sites.

That's why I generate my sites using MSB because it creates a flat file blog/site. I need to upload to site with every change. In this case, my money 3 pages blog/site took about 100KB. For 1 installation of a WP blog, I can have 40+ MSB sites thus taking less space or resource on my hosting account.  I don't need a MySQl database either. The themes are SEO optimize, RSS ready, sitemap... but was missing the ping feature until now.

So, I found some php code to ping my sites made with MSB. I modified a few lines at the start for MSB and it was simple.

1. Download the code/ping list(173 ping servers, zip format, 2.9KB) to your MSB theme directory. You should change the default file names for your own needs.

2. Generate or regenerate the MSB blog/site.

3. Upload the updated new files

4. To ping,  just do that in your browser: or new name of the php file

Voila! It's done.

My goal was to be able to use the current MSB version and be optional for users. So, if you don't want this ping list for MSB, just use the list for ....

2. BMD

In BMD(a must for bloggers in my opinion), you can promote your new blog post or site to social bookmarking sites. It has a feature to ping your account page on those social bookmaking sites. This way your post will then be crawled.

One cool feature is that it also let me test each of them(active or not) and find duplicate. Those 173 ping servers were active when I created my list. I had 350+ at the start from copying lists. It took me some time or should I say BMD to check them out.

3. WordPress

As I'm writing this, I still using WP to write on this blog. So, I wanted to update that ping list too.

I may in the future convert my blog to MSB like I did with another blog that I did not allow comments (no enough time to respond/too much spam). I'm glad I did that since it make me passive money even if I don't update it often this days. ;)

However, I might just keep WP here since MSB is mostly for secondary/no comment allowed blogs or make money sites(set and forget) for me.

I hope you like the ping list.

Btw, when a ping server is still live, it make it faster to ping  in BMD or MyStarterBlog and WP.
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