I received a email from my Friendswin sponsor. In it, he asked me if I had an happy Thanksgiving.  I'm from Canada but it was a nice gesture. Anyway, here is the part I liked:
One last thing. If you have yet to join Friendswin trust me when I say you have no I idea what you are missing out on. Just a few weeks ago Friendswin deposited over $400 into my checking out ( I use their direct deposit option ).
That's for November! Of course, he does have a lot more people under him than me.  I made a few post and put the link on my sites/blogs but did not do more. Looking at that, I should do more. ;) Wow! $400 for one month and he only paid is $9.97/month to get a cut from those that did the same under him. So, join me with my link below and let us make money together like him.  :D http://www.friendswin.com/dating_recruit.php?campaign=13014
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