Sorry for the lack of updates recently. I have other projects in the works but also updating MyStarterBlog to 1.7. Some preferred to wait for a stable version. You have one now!

Here are a few features:

  • The free version allow unlimited blogs now. Of course, I prefer people buy MSB ;)

  • Added a List posts button to make it easier to add the bookmarks to do a BMD run.

  • When the post was shown partially(more), I was writing in English: Continue Reading: post title.Since I started creating French sites too, it's now an options. The theme will have to beĀ  translated in the desired language first.

  • Added [analyticscode] so that you add your own site analytic code.

  • You can now see when you last Generated a blog.

  • robots.txt now support Sitemap: to make MSB more search engine crawler friendly

  • Added money related tags that could be used in a custom theme like PayPal and AlertPay email, CB id ....

  • Added Keyword categories and a theme example. It's similar to "tags" in WP. It's not there by default in the included themes.

  • For the MSB eBay Plugin, I added FR for eBay France.

  • Added in the ping services.

  • Added a quick save back.

The documentation will need to be redone and I'm considering/testing other options.

For now, the price is still $7 but I thinking of increasing the price soon considering the time/work goes into MSB.

Go download MyStarterBlog 1.7 now!
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