MyStarterBlog v1.5.0 Is Out!

Just a quick post to mentioned that MyStarterBlog v1.5.0 is now available.

It offer so many new main features:

  • Better integration with Rob's MSB Ebay Plugin

  • Simple HTML editor(not WISIWIG) but with a preview page within MSB

  • Many new tags to make MSB more flexible

  • Theme editor so that you can edit the files of the theme from within MSB

  • List Themes using themeimage.gif and readme.txt to find themes easier. The authors can use readme.txt to give further instructions about the theme

  • Redirection(.htaccess) manager when importing WordPress XML, renaming the URL of a post or converting a site to MSB

The price of MyStarterBlog is now $7USD and you don't need to subscribe to the newsletter anymore. Tell your friends!

Rob's MSB Ebay Plugin was also reduced to $7USD today.

For $14USD, you now have a light weight/cheaperĀ  BANS, phpBay/WordPress alternative.

I replaced a lot of my secondary blogs and will continue do to that. With the MSB eBay plugin, I will do the same with my auction sites. That should keep me occupied to some weeks ;)

Those of you who have some kind of vision will see what can MyStarterBlog do for their blog empire or Internet business. Think of the hours you will save by not having to upgrade your WP blogs.

Try MyStarterBlog now!
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nice post, thank you, my firend.


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