MyStarterBlog v1.6.0 Is Out!

Just a quick post to mentioned that MyStarterBlog v1.6.0 is now available.

It offer so many new main features.

While v1.5 was about removing the footprint of the MSB eBay Plugin,  version 1.6 concentrate on the other footprint left by the MSB themes. The downside is that older themes won't work anymore. I'm also touched by this but it's worth it in the long run for my business model.  I will be able to create many sites very quickly using MSB. :D

You can download MyStarterBlog now and start pumping sites. ;)
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[...] The original version required you to write your own HTML to style the posts, but the latest release has a built in text editor with style buttons. The Themes are also upgraded. More: V1.6.0 is out! [...]

nice post, thank you, my firend.


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